SmartPost all of your inventory to Facebook using PopItUp

To quickly post or schedule all of your inventory to Facebook, use the SmartPost feature.


Here's a short screen cast of how to SmartPost all of your inventory to


Here are step by step instructions for those that want to dive a little deeper. 

1. Navigate to SmartPost by clicking the inventory icon on the left sidebar menu and selecting SmartPost.


2. Be sure the blue Facebook connection shows the choice to “log out” (meaning that you are currently logged in). If you are not logged in, click "Log In" and connect PopItUp to your Facebook account.

3. Click the 🔁  sync button to make sure everything is up to date.

4. Click Group and select the Facebook group you want to post to; you must be an administrator for the group to show up (moderator doesn’t work).

5. Add Filters. Filters allow you to control which types of inventory are posted using SmartPost. The filters use the logic of “include” or “exclude” attached to the attributes and values you select. The best way to become familiar with them is to try out different combinations and see how they work for your inventory. Once you get to the compute albums step here, you’ll be able to see the results and know which items are set to post based on your selections. Here’s an example:

Example 1 - Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Perhaps you’re running a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and you want to post everything pink in your inventory. Type your attribute for color and the value pink, then select ‘include’. That means that in order to be posted, the item would have to have the attribute “color: pink”. Nothing else will show up to be posted.

Example 2 - Out of season stock

Your company may have released a special product line for Halloween, and while you’d be happy to sell it, you don’t really want to be posting Pumpkin Spice items all over your parties in May and June. You can exclude those those items by adding an exclude filter.  As long as your holiday items are labeled in your inventory with attributes it’s easy to filter them out of your SmartPost. For example, if you have added the attribute "Seasonal Items" and the value "Halloween" to your inventory and choose ‘exclude’.  Alternatively, you may already know which products in your inventory are seasonals, so you'd add the filter "Product" and the value "Pumpkin Candles" and select exclude.  Now anything that has that attribute attached will be removed from the SmartPost session, but will still be available in your inventory in case someone asks you for it.

Again, there are loads of handy ways to use your filters with attributes; you’ll need to experiment and find what helps you most. Once your filters are set and ready to go, the next step is telling POP where you’d like to send all your photos.

6. Create the Album Name Template

For those that sell frequently on Facebook, you already know how useful it is to add pictures of of inventory to Facebook albums.  The Album Name Template simply allows you tell PopItUp how you'd like to categorize your inventory for your shoppers on Facebook.  

Creating the template text is helpful for either creating new albums on Facebook to post your inventory to or matching albums that have already been created on Facebook. If you’re working in a group with albums established, you’ll want to follow the album’s format. For example, my Group’s albums post by color with the prices posted with albums like this: PINK ~ $25, RED ~ $25 So I would want to tell Smartpost to look for this format: {Color} ~ {price} in the template field. If SmartPost can’t find a match, it will offer to create a new album with the same format. Here are some more common examples:

Usborne Books & More Facebook Party

Rather than posting all of your photos in one album called "Books", you might want to post the photos in separate categories such as "Kids, Non Fiction, or Fiction". To create these separate categories, you'll simply type in the attribute that you would like to divide up your inventory by, in this case the attributed called "Category".  Type in the attribute name in curly brackets {Category}, click compute albums, and check that your inventory is getting categorized correctly.

Honey & Lace Facebook Party

You may join a multi-consultants Facebook Party where the party host has already created the albums where you should post your photos.   You need to post your photos into the albums based on the style of the item for sale so that your Auburn Dresses get posted in the Album called "Auburn".   To accomplish this you simply compute albumes based on the attribute "Style" by typing {Style} with the curly brackets and capital "S", and clicking compute albums.  Then selecting the albums in the Facebook group where the items should be posted. 

If you want to create your own new albums using PopItUp, you can use the template text to name your albums. Pick an attribute or two to use and SmartPost will fill everything in for you. For example, you might pick {Color Family} to group like colors together or {Style} {price} to name the album after the style; you could use more than one attribute to create more albums like: {Style} {size} - {price} or {Product} {Color Family}.

Ninja Knowledge: the attributes are case sensitive, so be sure to take note of how the attributes were created in inventory. It’s a great idea to always be consistent about your attribute capitalization.

7. Compute Albums. Once you’ve set the (optional) filters and the album name template, you’re ready to click the compute albums button. If your template matches albums in the group, you will see them autopopulate the the album selection with the best match and the background will be green. You should always double check the selections made by SmartPost. Any albums that need to be created will show up with the name field populated by the template in red. You will need to select a cover photo before they will post successfully.

You can check that the items you expect are set to post in the correct albums by clicking the "preview" link. 

8. Choose a message.  You should include a message so that your photos post with the relevant description, price, and a link to purchase the item from you.  You'll simply need to use the curly brackets to tell PopItUp to describe each picture based on the information about the item you've added to your inventory records.  For example, for my Honey & Lace sale, I might use the following message: 

"Click to buy this {Style} {Size} for {price}. {url}"

This will create a unique message for each photo that looks like this: 

"Click to buy this Auburn dress L for $65."

9. Post your items now or later.  Select whether to post your items now or later. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 2.07.37 PM.png

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