Persistent Filters on the Manage Inventory Page

You can now leave the Manage Inventory Page, to update your pictures, visit a party page, edit descriptions, or even go to another website.  The next time that you come back to the Manage Inventory Page, you’ll still see all the same filters applied… so you won’t have to start from scratch finding the items that you’re looking for!

Comment selling with PopItUp

PopItUp provides a super simple way for you to post all your inventory pictures directly to Facebook and then at the click of a button pull in all your comments to know who purchased the item.  With the click of button, you can mark the item as sold in your inventory and send an invoice directly to your customers for payment.

Join the PopItUp Affiliate Program

Nearly two years in and we love you, our wonderful users even more than when we started the company, so we want you to be rewarded for sharing the brand that you love!  $10 for every new person that subscribes with your special affiliate link. Apply to become a PopItUp Affiliate today. 

New Feature: Manual PopItUp Party Pages

The PopItUp Manual Party Page feature allows you to customize the shopping experience for your customers on PopItUp Party pages by creating custom albums and arranging your items inside your albums in any order that you'd like.  Check out the video below to see the feature in action.  Follow the step by step instructions to try the feature out for yourself. 

4 secrets for crushing your 2018 goals

I’ve been setting New Year's resolutions now for over 15 years, and I've got four secrets that, combined with my superpower of staying focused (my wife hates that I can't start a movie without finishing it), has helped me cross off almost all of the goals that I set for myself each year.  So what're these four super secrets to setting and accomplishing goals? Here you go...

For those of us that have found how powerful Facebook can be for promoting your business, we all need to stop and ask ourselves, “Do my Facebook friends see me as constantly spamming them with new product offers or do they genuinely enjoy following me as a person and supporting my business?” So here’s a quick cheat sheet for all of us that are actively managing our brand on Facebook and trying stay relevant and genuine on Social Media.  Use this cheat sheet wisely :grimacing:

With just the click of button, you can now automatically invoice your customers through your Square and PayPal account right from your PopItUp Orders page using the OrderForward for PopItUp Google Chrome browser extension.  This awesome new feature will save you the time and and headache of having to manually copy and paste customer information from your Orders page to your payment processor!