New Feature: Square and PayPal Invoicing with OrderForward

With just the click of a button, you can now automatically invoice your customers through your Square and PayPal account right from your PopItUp Orders page using the OrderForward for PopItUp Google Chrome browser extension.  This awesome new feature will save you the time and headache of having to manually copy and paste customer information from your Orders page to your payment processor!

OrderForward is a Google Chrome browser extension built with the same technology that Google uses to save your usernames, passwords, and credit card information in your Chrome browser.  By remembering your most common settings and automatically copying and pasting the information from your POP account into Square or PayPal, you’ll save hours fulfilling orders while allowing your customers to continue to pay you through PayPal, Square, or Bless.  Here’s a quick video to show OrderForward in action for PayPal and Square, demonstrating that by simply clicking a button, you’ll be able to automatically generate an invoice to your customers right from your PopItUp Orders page. 

Already a user?  Check out our OrderForward Ninja Walk-thru for step-by-step guided instructions.  Start walk-thru on desktop - Start walk-thru on mobile (coming soon)

Ready to get started? Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow our step by step instructions below or you can follow along with a setup video on YouTube

1. Ensure that you have a PopItUp Pro or Business account by navigating here


2. If you are not using Google Chrome, Download Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop computer here.

3. Open Google Chrome and navigate to the OrderForward for PopItUp Chrome extension here

4. Click “Add to Chrome”


5. Once you’ve added the extension to Chrome, click on the POP logo in the top right hand corner of your browser to open the OrderForward for PopItUp extension settings. Scroll to the bottom and click “Use Defaults”, confirm, and click “Save”. 

6. Open your Orders page on PopItUp using Google Chrome as your browser. 

7. Click the button that you'd like to use for sending your invoice. 


For every order that has not been marked “Invoiced” you will see the OrderForward buttons for automatic invoicing.  Click on the button for your preferred payment platform: Square, PayPal, or Bless (for LuLaRoe consultants).  OrderForward will automatically copy the customer and item information from the order into the invoice, saving you hours of time.

Ninja Knowledge

Don’t want to see all four buttons? No problem. Just navigate to the OrderForward for PopItUp extension settings, click on the tab for the buttons you’d like to remove, disable the feature, scroll to the bottom and click “Save”.  Refresh your browser page and the button will no longer be visible. 

Want to do custom attribute mapping? Easy. Navigate to the OrderForward for PopItUp extension settings, click on the tab for your payment processor (Square, PayPal, or Bless), and follow along with this YouTube Video

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