New Feature: Host Multi-consultant Parties with PopItUp Party Pages

Multi-Consultant parties are a great way to mix things up with your regular customers, give them some new items to check out, and pick up some unexpected sales from shoppers from your teammates' customer groups.  You can easily organize those MC parties right on PopItUp by setting up a party page and sharing a party page magic link!

First, I'll cover some common FAQs before I hop into showing you how to set up a multi-consultant party on PopItUp. 


Q. What is a multi-consultant party?

A. MC parties are when teammates from the same company or friends from different companies get together to offer a wider variety of products to their regular customers or shopping groups. 

Q. Why would anyone do a multi-consultant party?

A. Multi-consultant groups are a great way to bring new eyes to your inventory, they bring a new level of excitement and energy to your sales. Plus, who doesn't want to sell with a teammate or a friend rather than going at it solo?

Q. How do you set up a multi-consultant party? Are there rules? 

A. Mult-consultant parties are easy to set up and run as long as everyone is onboard with following some simple rules or etiquette.  Here are pointers that should make things run smoothly. 

  • Show up or post on-time. If it's an in-home boutique, arrive when the other consultants are arriving so everyone is prepared for shoppers at the same time. If it's an online (Facebook) or Party page MC party, make sure that you post your items to the party page or the Facebook album on time. 
  • Establish shopping rules before the party starts.  Things like when you'll start, how long you'll stay open. If it's online, you may want to standardize the technology that you use, Facebook, PopItUp, ShopTheRoe, or another online platform.  Make sure that everyone is aware of the different technologies that will be used. 
  • Standardize your pricing and shipping costs with all of the sellers before hand, especially if you sell from the same company.  It keeps things fair and makes it easier for shoppers to purchase.  
  • If it's an online party, pick a platform that can handle the traffic.  The bigger the MC party gets, the more customer that will be visiting the pages and the more important that it is that the website can handle thousands of people clicking on items and visiting the page at the same time.  It's not always obvious which platforms can handle lots of web traffic, but Facebook is a good bet, as are ShopTheRoe and PopItUp because of the number of consultants and customers that already use the site.
  • Don't forget to have fun.  Sell with teammates or friends that you enjoy being with, and you'll notice that your shoppers will enjoy shopping with you more too.  Finding joy in the journey will pay unexpected dividends. 

Setting up an MC Party on PopItUp

Step 1 - Set up a dedicated party page for the MC Party

  • Make sure that you have your basic rules for the party before you set it up.  You'll need to know whether you'll be keeping the party open to the public, making it invite only to certain people, or whether it will be open only during certain days and times.
  • Check out this blog for detailed instructions for setting up a PopItUp Party Page. 

Step 2 - Share the Consultant Join Link

  • Multi-consultant Join links are found by navigating to the Parties page, opening the party menu, and selecting "Manage Approvals".  Click on the "Consultants" tab and copy the Consultant Invite link.  
  • You can share the link anywhere, in a Facebook group with your team, in an email, or in an online forum. 

Step 3 - Add items to the Party page

  • As long as you have inventory added to your PopItUp account, just select the items that you'd like to add from the Manage Inventory page, scroll to the bottom, and select "Add to Party".  Select the party that you'd like to add the items to.  Here's a helpful walk-thru that can show you exactly how.  Mobile | Desktop
  • If you don't see the party in the drop-down, make sure that you've requested to join the MC party using the Consultant Invite link, then ask the consultant that set the party page up to approve your request. 

Step 4 - Stay available during the party

  • As with any party, engage with shoppers and show them the love that they deserve.  The more that you help people discover what styles, colors, outfits, or look they like, the more you can help them leave happy. 
  • Learn party chat.  It's a really effective tool for helping people online, but you don't want to be figuring it out on the night of the big party. 

Have more tips, tricks or helpful pointers for Multi-consultant parties?  Don't be shy, we'd love to add to these instructions and get your input.  Join our Facebook Group or reach out to our customer support team. 

Looking to organize an MC party of your own?  Join our Facebook Group and check out our MC Party Album to network and find other consultants that looking to join MC parties.

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