Our story

Pop It Up started as ShopTheRoe which started life as a simple tool built by a husband (Mitch) for his LuLaRoe consultant wife (Sonnie). Here's how it all started, in Sonnie's own words:

My business started taking off recently and I was so excited! I also have two small children, ages 4 and 3. They are my life and I have given up my job as a second grade teacher to spend my days with them :) I knew that my LuLaRoe business was nearing the line I had placed for myself. I couldn't keep up while still giving the time I needed to my kids. I could see the success but I couldn't reach it because I was stuck doing the lame (but important) parts of the business....counting inventory, trying not to oversell, typing in every single address, writing down my sales and trying to figure out who bought what after every sale.

Mitchel Allen Humpherys, who is the sweetest man in this entire universe, saw my struggles and stepped in. He sat me down and we talked about everything we would love to see in a program that would help me. He offered ideas and advice. He supported me as a mom and a business woman. He worked tirelessly on STR. I started using it and IT. SAVED. ME. I was able to focus on my sweet babies while running a successful business. We took what worked and didn't work and switched things up. I saw what a great tool it was for me and we decided to share it with other people who were in the same boat as me. We've taken feedback and suggestions. We've put in hours and hours of coding. Hours and hours of customer service. Because we care. It has turned into our baby. I have loved working side by side with my husband.