The Grand Opening of PopItUp

The Grand Opening of PopItUp

Welcome to PopItUp!  This is our first blog and the first day that we're opening up invites to our user group.  In this blog I'll be sharing how we at PopItUp (we call it "POP" for short) are here to support you so you can organize your business and save time doing all the necessary but often tedious tasks required to manage and grow your business. 

Introducing PopItUp

PopItUp started as the wildly successful, a simple tool built by a husband (Mitch) for his LuLaRoe consultant wife (Sonnie).  You can read the story of how it all started in Sonnie's own words here.  POP is designed to help direct sales and network marketing business owners manage all the necessary but often tedious tasks required to run a successful business, including inventory tracking, finance and expense tracking, pop up boutiques, Facebook parties, online (PopItUp) parties, order management, and shipping labels.  

Our Community

In just over one year, we have grown a community of more than 35,000 consultants who have sold more than $400,000,000 in product to more than 3,000,000 shoppers.  Our community is mostly made up of people like you that manage full-time jobs and full-time family responsibilities on top of trying to grow a business that will afford more resources or a better quality of life.  Our community objective is to make running and growing your business feasible and affordable, no matter how much time you have or how big or small your business may be.  Since we first launched, we've added many features and enhancements based on the fantastic suggestions from our our community, and the product is only getting better thanks to your ongoing feedback :)

See PopItUp in Action

Here's a group of 6 screen casts of PopItUp by Sonnie Humpherys, one of the cofounders of PopItUp's parent company called Directangular. (It plays in reverse order, so you'll likely want to click on the button at the top of the video that says 1/6 and choose video 6 first.)

Already a user? Check out our PopItUp software walk-thrus for step-by-step instructions to get up and running in minutes. 

PopItUp is Invite Only

As we continue to build and improve our product, PopItUp is invite only. We will be providing invites to our existing users and community, so please ask your friends, family, and team members if they have an invite available. If you cannot find an invite through your network, feel free to request one by sending us a message

Our Amazing Customer Support Team

Customer support is important to our community because we want to be sure you feel confident and comfortable using all aspects of POP. Our amazing customer support team manages our Facebook groups, instant chat, and email support ticket system from 9AM EST to 12AM EST.  Please reach out to the customer support team, if they aren't available instantly, they'll respond within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.

Contribute to our community

We would love to have you contribute to our community.  There are many ways you can help out.  

Join our Facebook Group

Our PopitUp Facebook group is a great place to share ideas, get tips and tricks from our current users, and receive help from our amazing customer support team. Please join the conversation; we'd love to hear from you.

Write a blog or share a video

Whether you're a writer or just one of our users on PopItUp or ShopTheRoe, we'd love to know how you use PopItUp and other helpful tips and techniques for growing your business.  Contact us here if you're interested. 

Join our team

We're looking for talented customer support, marketing, and engineering help.  Check out our careers page here to learn more. 

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