PopItUp Overview by Honey & Lace Consultant Theresa Douglas

Theresa Douglas, and independent Honey & Lace consultant explains how she uses PopItUp to keep her business on track, from knowing which inventory she has, providing a simple shopping experience for your customers on Facebook, tracking her events, and managing her orders.  

Overview Highlights

Here are the main takeaways from Theresa's video above explaining how she uses PopItUp for her Honey & Lace business. 

  • PopItUp keeps her whole business connected, from adding inventory, to posting to Facebook, and then completing orders, all of her activity is reflected in the inventory counts, revenue, and potential profits on hand, so she always knows exactly what she has, how much she can make, and how she can keep her business on target. 
  • When Theresa's reordering new items, PopItUp inventory filters make it easy for her to know which items she has on hand and which items she needs to stock up on. 
  • Theresa uses the Post to Facebook feature the most.  By posting her inventory pictures right to Facebook albums with a short message, PopItUp automatically adds claim links so her customers simply click on a link and claim the item right on PopItUp. 
  • By setting up a party page for each of her events, it's easy for Theresa to track exactly which items were purchased and keep her record keeping and finances up to date. 
  • The orders page provides her with all of the order information including shipping address attached to the image of the items ordered, so it's easy to invoice, verify who's paid, and know which items she's shipped.  Once items are invoiced and paid, all of her inventory counts and revenue are automatically adjusted. 
  • PopItUp's Facebook support group includes lots of great people that are ready to help her out. 

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