Online parties make selling a cinch

PopItUp makes selling your products online a cinch. Selling online can be difficult when the items that you have available are constantly in flux, especially for those that sell on Facebook, in-home parties, and with live parties. PopItUp Parties make sure that you never oversell while providing a familiar ecommerce purchasing experience. PopItUp parties can also be customized to ensure that you stay compliant with your company's policies and procedures. 


Here's a short screen cast of how to create an online party with 

Already a user? Check out our PopItUp Parties Ninja software walk-thru for step-by-step guided instructions. 


Here are step by step instructions for those that want to dive a little deeper. 

1. Navigate to the Parties page by selecting Parties from the left navigation. 

2. Click "Create Party" to create a PopItUp party. 

3. Name your party.  This will be visible for your shoppers at the top of the party page, so we we suggest using a name that will be easy to remember. 

4. Select a cover photo.  This cover photo is a great place to add company or personal logo to brand the party to match your personal style and company branding. 

5. Select whether you'd like to party to public or private.  

Ninja knowledge: Public parties are great for those that want to be able to share the party by email or social media, or to set up a permanent party that you can link to from your website, Facebook profile, or Instagram profile. Private parties are great for those that want to sell online but have company policies and procedures that prohibit setting up public websites.  A private party allows you to control who can enter party, so you can admit only your VIP group, or just your family and friends online without worrying about being compliate. 

6. Select whether you're open for shopping.  Unchecking this will allow you to enter start and end times for your party. 

Ninja knowledge: Setting start and end times is a great way to prepare for big sale or promotion without having to worry about being available (like if you have work or a vacation planned during a promotion).  You simply add all the items to your party, and set the start and end time, and all of your shoppers will be admitted as soon as the promotion starts. 

7. Group items by attribute (Optional).  This is great for those that want to provide a more Facebook Album like shopping experience or display items in categories in their Party. Simply click on the attribute that you'd like to group the items by in the party. 

8. Click "Create" to create the unique party page. 

9. Navigate to the Inventory > Manage page and select the items that you'd like to add to the Party. 

10. Click "Add to Party", select your party from the Drop down menu, and click "Add to Party". 

11. Navigate back to the Parties page and copy the party URL by clicking on the clip board image next to the party name to share it with your shoppers. 

12. Use the  PopItUp Party page to promote your products online.  You'll get notified when your shoppers ask you questions in party chat and claim items from the party page. 

It's easy to shop on PopItUp

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