Join the PopItUp Affiliate Program

Join the PopItUp Affiliate Program

         Nearly two years in, and we love you, our wonderful users, even more than when we started the company.  Our platform has grown and evolved to become even more awesome.  So here it is, we’ve finally rolled out our PopItUp affiliate program, so you can get paid for promoting PopItUp.  Here’s what you need to know about our new affiliate program. 

Getting Started

  1. Apply to become an affiliate. 
  2. We'll check out your application to make sure it's a good fit for everyone.
  3. When you see the affiliate link on your PopItUp dashboard, congratulations, you're an affiliate! (There will be a specific number of invites based on the size of your audience or network from your application, so don't forget to include that info!)
  4. Start sharing that link, partner. 
  5. We'll pay you $10 for every new person that subscribes with your personal affiliate link. 
  6. Let's play fair, friends. We’ll periodically review affiliate links and the new accounts. High performing affiliates will get increased payouts, but affiliates playing unfairly will be suspended or canceled. 

Why is PopItUp creating the affiliate program? 

Honestly, we really love you, our users.  We admire you for the effort you put into building your businesses, expanding your networks, and just making stuff happen.  We want to reward you for supporting us, and we think this will be a sweet partnership. 

Can anyone join the program?

The affiliate program is primarily designed for direct sales consultants and network marketers that are already using PopItUp and those that provide services or manage groups or audiences that help direct sales consultants and network marketers.  We are only accepting a limited number of affiliates to the program so that we can fully support those that become affiliates and ensure that they have the highest probability for getting a positive return on their efforts in promoting us. If you’d like to become an affiliate, we encourage you to apply!  Please be specific with your responses so that we don't miss any awesome details about why you'd be a great fit for helping PopItUp grow. 

If you are a software developer and are interested in offering PopItUp to your users, we encourage you to apply to become a direct sales developer. After registering, we'll reach out to you to discuss your application and user base specifically. 

If you are the owner of a direct sales company, we encourage you to reach out to us directly at to discuss our enterprise and white label opportunities to provide PopItUp to your consultants directly. 

How much can affiliates earn? 

You have unlimited earning potential as a PopItUp affiliate.  To calculate how much you could earn by becoming an affiliate, multiply $10 by every person in your audience.  If you manage a team or facebook group of 100, then you could earn $1,000 as a PopItUp affiliate.  If you manage a downline of 1,000 or more, you could earn as much as $10,000 by just adding your affiliate link to your Facebook group description and letting your downline know that you use PopItUp. 

After some time, you can request us to review your affiliate link and the quality of the subscriptions and we’ll consider increasing the amount that you earn.  You can also request to receive different benefits, such as free postage, free account upgrades for those that use your link, and a higher payout. 

Where can I share my affiliate link? 

We are a family-friendly company and would appreciate it if you only share your affiliate link on family-friendly sites.  Specifically, if you share or promote your link on pornographic, illicit, or drug-related sites, it damages our reputation and the integrity of our brand, and we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your affiliate link.  

How can I promote my affiliate link? 

There is an unlimited number of ways that you can promote your affiliate link.  Feel free to share PopItUp on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Youtube, Periscope, and Facebook Live sessions have also been really effective for doing short demos of PopItup to show how it can save your audience time and keep their businesses organized.  If you’d like, we are happy to provide free training to your audience on using PopItUp, where you’ll be able to promote the training and then provide the affiliate link for your audience to sign up afterward. Writing a review blog or posting reviews on review sites are also effective ways to promote your affiliate link.  The most successful affiliates will promote their affiliate links on places where their audience already trusts their advice and input, such as in a private Facebook group where you are a frequent contributor or admin, on a blog that you write and maintain, or during a Facebook Live or Periscope event where you share how PopItUp has helped your business. 

You are also welcome to be a guest writer on the PopItUp blog. We will include your PopItUp affiliate link in the blog, so you get credit for readers who decide to subscribe after reading your article. 

What if I already have an invite link on my dashboard?

If you already have an invite or affiliate link on your PopItUp Dashboard, that means that you were one of our first PopItUp users or you recently joined by clicking on someone else’s PopItUp affiliate link.  We encourage you to share your link far and wide and apply to our Affiliate program.  We’ll credit you for all of the people that have already signed up with your affiliate link once your application to become an affiliate has been approved. 

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