Comment selling with PopItUp

Comment selling with PopItUp

One of the simplest and most effective ways to sell on Facebook is to post pictures of your inventory and instruction our friends, family, and loyal customers to simply comment "sold" or "mine".  PopItUp provides a super simple way for you to post all your inventory pictures directly to Facebook and then at the click of a button pull in all your comments to know who purchased the item.  With the click of button, you can mark the item as sold in your inventory and send an invoice directly to your customers for payment.  Check out our short video below to see how easy it is to use PopItUp and follow the step-by-step instructions to start selling with comments on Facebook below. 

Step 1 - Add your items to PopItUp and post them to Facebook

Adding your items to PopItUp is super simple, just drag and drop the pictures and add the relevant information.  Check out our tutorial here.  Posting your inventory to Facebook just takes a few clicks from the Manage Inventory page.  Check out how to do that here

Easily add an instructional comment with details about the item for sale by using a message like this to customize the message for each item that you post: 

Comment sold to claim this {item} for {price}
{quantity} available

PopItUp will automatically fill in the blank so you get a super helpful comment with every photo that you post to Facebook like the following (some of our users post thousands of items at once). 

Comment sold to claim this Ventura Pocket Skirt, 2XL (item #89225) for $32.00
Cheerful and contemporary. Dress up or down.
2 available
Style: Ventura Pocket Skirt
Size: 2XL

Step 2 - Refresh Sold Comments

Navigate to the Refresh Sold Comments page and click "Refresh Sold Comments". We recommend waiting until after your sale is over to collect them all at once. But you can check for sold comments as often as once per hour.

Step 3 - Mark the item as sold and invoice from your Orders page

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 5.31.29 PM.png

By clicking the button next to the sold comment you can easily mark the item as sold and add your customers' shipping information.  PopItUp will automatically remember previous customers information, so you don't have to. Once you've marked the item as sold, you'll automatically be redirected to the Orders page, so you can process the order by sending an invoice and printing a shipping label



Facebook recently changed their API  (which you can read more about here and here).

The bad news is that since Facebook has removed all user information from their comments API, we can no longer display the user's name in the sold comment report, or populate their name in the Sold Outside PopItUp form.

The good news is that we've added a bit more functionality to the refresh comments report in order to lessen the blow of this update. Now, if your customers leave their email address in their comment, we'll pull the email address and will use it to populate the Sold Outside PopItUp form.


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