All in New Feature

Persistent Filters on the Manage Inventory Page

You can now leave the Manage Inventory Page, to update your pictures, visit a party page, edit descriptions, or even go to another website.  The next time that you come back to the Manage Inventory Page, you’ll still see all the same filters applied… so you won’t have to start from scratch finding the items that you’re looking for!

New Feature: Manual PopItUp Party Pages

The PopItUp Manual Party Page feature allows you to customize the shopping experience for your customers on PopItUp Party pages by creating custom albums and arranging your items inside your albums in any order that you'd like.  Check out the video below to see the feature in action.  Follow the step by step instructions to try the feature out for yourself. 

With just the click of button, you can now automatically invoice your customers through your Square and PayPal account right from your PopItUp Orders page using the OrderForward for PopItUp Google Chrome browser extension.  This awesome new feature will save you the time and and headache of having to manually copy and paste customer information from your Orders page to your payment processor!

Today we’re super excited to announce that we’re introducing two new subscription plans to PopItUp. These new plans will allow you to use more resources (you’ll get higher SMS and live streaming quotas for example) as well as access to certain premium features (like PayPal and Square invoicing with OrderForward).

You can compare the features available on each plan here: