Are you annoying your friends on Facebook? Notifications Cheat Sheet

Whether you do network marketing or are just trying to keep up with your friends and family, Facebook has become the centralized hub for online social connections and social selling.  Understanding how your Facebook friends are seeing your activity is important for managing your brand and business image as well as your personal and family relationships.  For those of us that have found how powerful Facebook can be for promoting your business, we all need to stop and ask ourselves, “Do my Facebook friends see me as constantly spamming them with new product offers or do they genuinely enjoy following me as a person and supporting my business?”

So here’s a quick cheat sheet that I put together for all of us that are actively managing our brand on Facebook and trying stay relevant and genuine on Social Media.  Please use this cheat sheet wisely :grimacing:

Facebook Notification Cheat Sheet
What if I...?Will my friend get a Facebook Notification?
Post a status updateo
Like their postx
Share their postx
Tag them in a postx
Comment on their postx
Reply to their commentx
Mention them in a commentx
Comment on a photox
Like their photox
Tag them in a photox
Comment on photos that they're tagged inx
Create a groupo
Close and reopen a groupo
Add them to a groupx
Invite them to a groupx
Approve their join requestx
Post in a group discussionx
Post photos in group discussionx
Approve their post requestx
Change the name of a groupx
Create new photo albums in a groupx
Add new photos to albums in a groupo
Create an evento
Invite them to an eventx
Post in an eventx
Add events near themx
Look at their pageo
Invite them to like your pagex
Post on their pagex
Send a friend requestx
Accept friend requestx
Change profile pictureso
Poke themx
Check in at locations o
Go livex
Unfollow themo
Follow themo

Now here come the caveats to the table above... I know we all hate the fine print, but we have to write this stuff so that you all can effectively use the table without getting upset at the author when things don't go as expected. 

Disclaimer - Every person can change some of their notification preferences on Facebook.  So why does my chart above even matter? Because most people don’t.  I've primarily tested this chart with my own account with the help of a trusted colleague (picture two people sitting in a room, playing with Facebook and celebrating every time we figure out when Facebook will send a comment).  I am the average Facebook user, meaning that I don’t care enough about Facebook to change my settings, and most people are like me.   So while these rules won’t apply to everyone, they will apply to most people. You can check out the ways that people can change or customize their notifications on Facebook under settings here.

Clarification - when I say Facebook notification, I mean the Red alert notifications that show up in the globe icon in the top navigation on desktop and the bottom navigation on mobile phones.  There are five different types of notifications that Facebook sends out, here's a quick description of each for your reference: 

  1. Red alert notifications appear the notications tray under the globe icon in the top navigation bar on desktop and the bottom navigation bar on mobile.  These are the subject of the cheat sheet above.

  2. Email notifications where Facebook sends you an email to the email address that you've signed up with Facebook. 

  3. Push notifications trigger either your computer or our mobile phone’s notifications.

  4. Pop up notifiications are only visible on Desktop and show up when logged in to Facebook and a friend interacts with you.

  5. Text message notifications that send an SMS message to your mobile phone number.

Sources for additional reference: 

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