Agnes & Dora Consultant Kayla Martinez Reviews PopItUp

Kayla Martinez, an independent Agnes and Dora consultant, did a review of PopItUp to make it easier for you to decide whether PopItUp can help you save time and stay organized as you grow your own Agnes and Dora business. 

Review Highlights

Here are some highlights from Kayla's video review for those that prefer skimming rather than watching :)

  • PopItUp is more personable because you can use your own photos.  Stage your inventory on mannequins, take close ups to show details, or use your own custom back drops to make it easier for your customers to see the style laid out in the same format.
  • PopItUp posts to Facebook albums so your customers never have to leave Facebook when they are shopping your products. The post to Facebook feature is a time saver.  Load all of your albums from the same place in PopItUp. 
  • Get your order workflow going on the orders page much like you do with the Agnes & Dora party site. 
  • Buy and download shipping labels from the same place that you track your orders so you don't have to copy and paste information into another software application. 
  • Tracking your finances is easy to do so your ready for tax time. 

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