4 Steps for Running a Promotion for your Direct Sales Business with PopItUp

4 Steps for Running a Promotion for your Direct Sales Business with PopItUp

There’s no better time to get that shopping bug out than during the holidays.  Black Friday and Christmas Shopping are some of the best and most memorable times to shop, and Shoppers are more likely to pull out their wallets and spend money for that special someone.  So how do you make sure that you’re little direct sales business doesn’t miss out?  Just follow the lead of the biggest retailers, and make sure that you have the sales, discounts, and promotions to attract the shoppers this season.  

With PopItUp, it’s easy to tag your inventory with discount attributes, add them to a PopItUp party page, or post them to Facebook so you can drive more sales with discounts and promotions.   Check out the tutorials below to see just how easy it is to set up a discount or promotion for your business with PopItUp. 

Tutorial: Set up a Black Friday Promotion for a Jewelry Business

Here are four quick and easy steps (should take you about 10 minutes) for setting up a promotion using PopItUp.  Here's an example party page that you can check out (your's will probably be much better), or watch the videos below. 

Step 1 - Create a PopItUp Party Page

Use an existing Party page or create a PopItUp Party dedicated to your sale or promotion. Follow a Walk-Thru on Desktop or Mobile or check out our blog article with videos or step-by-step instructions for setting up a Party page. 

Ninja Knowledge: You can easily set the party page to be open only during certain dates and times, so that the items being promoted in the party can only be accessed during the sale, for example, for a Black Friday sale, you may only want the items to be available during Black Friday, or the weekend of Black Friday.  When setting up the Party page, just uncheck the box "Open for Shopping" and select the Party Start and End Times.

Step 2 - Tag promotional items with a custom discount attribute

  1. Navigate to the Manage Inventory page
  2. Select the items that you would like to discount
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click "Edit” 
  4. Click the "+ Add button", and add a new attribute.  Use a name like “Discount”, Promotion, “Black Friday”, or "Holiday Sale”.
  5. Add the attribute value. We recommend using something like “10% Off” and click "Submit". 
  6. Select the items using the Filters and Add them to the party page you created above. 

Step 3 - Post the Promotional items to Facebook

  1. Select the promotional items that you would like to post to your Facebook albums.  Use the Refine-by Filters on the left to show only the items that you have tagged and click "Select All".
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click "Post to Facebook"
  3. Add a custom message to your Facebook post and ensure that you include the {attributes} tag to include the discount attribute that you tagged the item with. 

Ninja Knowledge: If you have previously posted these items to Facebook, you can delete the items from Facebook before you post them for the promotion by selecting the items and clicking "Delete Facebook Photos".  If you do not remove the previous items from Facebook, no worries, the claim links will automatically be updated, so you all shoppers will see that the item is being offered at a promotion once they click the claim link.

Ninja Knowledge:  You can make all of the promotion items show up for the sale at a designated time on Facebook using Ghost Albums.  Check out this blog article to learn more about Ghost Albums. 

Step 4 - Apply the discount to the items from the Orders page

  1. Once the customer has finished claiming or shopping, navigate to the Orders page.
  2. Click on the items within the order to identify the items with promotional attributes. 
  3. Click on the item Menu and select "Edit Price"
  4. Apply the discount to the item based on the promotion offered. 

Ninja Knowledge: You can also apply the discount to the items before the promotion or sale from the Manage Inventory page by selecting the items and overwritting the Price.  Remember that price changes made from the Inventory page will change the price for all of the items, and you'll need to change the price back to standard retail prices after the promotion ends. The method recommended above will only change the price of the items claimed, and not the standard retail price. 




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