Today we’re super excited to announce that we’re introducing two new subscription plans to PopItUp. These new plans will allow you to use more resources (you’ll get higher SMS and live streaming quotas for example) as well as access to certain premium features (like PayPal and Square invoicing with OrderForward).

You can compare the features available on each plan here:

How to use PopItUp Shipping Labels

With PopItUp shipping labels you can quickly, easily, and cheaply ship your product out to your customers.   This article will give you everything you need to get setup with PopItUp Shipping labels, from knowing which buttons to push, which printer to buy, and which shipping supplies to keep in stock. Best of all, printing shipping labels from home using PopItUp will save you money at the post office!

PopItUp makes it easy for customers to shop by clicking claim links on Facebook, shopping on Party Pages, or using QR codes during pop-up boutiques.  With a shopper account, PopItUp remembers all of a customers purchases and makes it easy to find you and your products later.  Plus it makes it a cinch for the consultant to send invoices, know who's paid, and print out shipping labels to send orders right away. 

PopItUp makes selling your products online a cinch. Selling online can be difficult when the items that you have available are constantly in flux with Facebook, in-home parties, and live parties. PopItUp Parties make sure that you never oversell while providing a familiar e-commerce purchasing experience.  PopItUp parties can also be customized to ensure that you stay compliant with your company's policies and procedures. 

USPS Shipping Labels from

Just as the title says, you can download United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping labels right from PopItUp.   You simply add POP buck to your account to pay for postage and a small per label fee, select the order, click Buy Labels for Selected, and then click Download Labels for Selected.

Adding inventory to your PopItUp account is as simple as grabbing your photos and using the “attributes” to define and describe your items. Once you've added your inventory, you'll be able to sync all of your online and offline orders so you don't oversell and you spend less time pushing paper and more time pushing product. 

The Grand Opening of PopItUp

We work full-time to make running and growing your business feasible and affordable, no matter how much time or how big or small your business may be. New to PopItUp? Take a look at this screencast for the grand tour of PopItUp.